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January 2011

Poke the Box, our first title, is now ready for pre-order

The first book from the Domino Project is ready for pre-order. (Hurry… the limited edition of 400 probably won’t last very long). Subscribers to this blog get first shot, of course. Poke the Box comes in hardcover, Kindle and a limited edition signed copy with a letterpress cover and a poster as well. The Kindle [...]

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Compared to what?

It’s not unusual for a book publisher to look at Kindle books and get nervous about the pricing. After all, if it’s the same words, available just as soon as the hardcover, why should it cost half as much (or less?) Eighty years ago, if you wanted to read a book, your choice was a [...]

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In Search of a Domino Street Team

Hey, I’m Amber Rae, the Domino Project’s chief evangelist. Lovely to meet you. Exciting news! The Domino Project is creating a worldwide street team. We’re on a mission to create a domino effect around the world, spreading ideas to people who care. We’re reinventing publishing, and that means we need a bunch of smart, vocal, [...]

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Why wasn’t I told?

This is the heart of the issue. When a movie is important, or resonates in our community, we hear of it. We might even go to see it. We certainly get sent a link about it or engage in a discussion. That’s partly because movies have broader audiences and partly because they’re easier to share [...]

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Performance anxiety

What to publish? How much to publish? Should a successful artist paint another painting, should a beloved musician record another record? This is the dilemma of every publisher (and in the digital world, that means all of us). On one side lies logorrhea, too many words, too much published. On the other lies fear—fear of [...]

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Strategy memo: Rejecting the New York Times bestseller list

Every now and then, I’d like to share some of the strategic discussions we’ve had and decisions we’ve made as we’ve created this project. The first one may surprise you. We needed to decide if we cared about having our books make the bestseller list. If you publish books (or write them) aimed at a [...]

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January update for the Domino Project

Hope you enjoyed the holiday break. We’ve been busy… The first manifesto is finished, copyedited, typeset and at the printer.  I’ve been involved in literally hundreds of books, but there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you see the finished pages for the first time. There are another half dozen or so titles [...]

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