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February 2011

Reminder: Monday is the last day to pre-order

The Kindle pre-order gig for Poke the Box is almost over. The $1 price goes up at the end of Monday. Also, you can find the list of iPad, PC and Mac apps to read it with right here. We love our subscribers. Thanks for spreading the word. (PS if you prefer, you can follow [...]

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Unleashing The Domino Project

The digital revolution is unleashing creativity all around us. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. To quote Seth: “This is the best shot you’ve got.” Not everyone believes the ease of entry is good for us. Does allowing everyone equal footing on the playing field result in better art, film, music, [...]

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All the way to a dollar

Last week, we ran an experiment, in which we challenged readers to sign up to our blog/newsletter and promised to lower the pre-order price of the Kindle edition of my new book in exchange. Tens of thousands of people visited, tweeted, liked, passed on, signed up and generally made a ruckus. Thrilling. On a technicality, [...]

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Would Shakespeare tweet?

Scott Turow, beloved novelist and now head of the Authors Guild, argues in the Times that Shakespeare might have had trouble surviving in the world of the web, a place of “speedy, secret transmission of stolen goods.” Apparently, once you start working with the Author’s Guild, something changes in your outlook. In the past, the [...]

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Sign up to drive down the pre-order price for Poke the Box

How much should an ebook cost? It’s a good question. Factor in printing and sales costs, and hardcover books have a good reason to cost $20. Ebooks, though, are a whole new field and no one has figured out the right answer. Traditionally, readers have been charged $9.99 for a book on the Kindle. What [...]

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Why aren’t there words on the cover of our books?

Four things worth noticing about the new covers from The Domino Project… 1. The most noticeable: no words on the cover. Who needs them? When you see the book online, it’s always accompanied by lots of text. You read the text on the screen, the cover is the icon. Also… when the book is on your [...]

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The joy of collectibles

I just got the photos back from the letterpress shop in Seattle that’s printing the covers, posters and book plates for the collectible edition of Poke the Box. We only made 400 (which is a good thing, because my carpal tunnel is killing me from the signing) and many have already been sold. One thing [...]

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