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July 2011

Publishing Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar has changed the lives of hundreds of millions of people. He changed mine. It’s an honor and a privilege to publish a new version of Zig’s extraordinary Performance Planner. Updated for a new generation, this workbook will change your life. But only if you use it. Buy a copy today, get it tomorrow [...]

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Strangers and friends: understanding publishing

The bookstore and the publisher keep more than 85% of what a reader pays for a book. And that money is well-earned. Why? Because book publishing is the act of taking a financial risk to bring an idea to an unknown reader. The key word is unknown. Before the book is purchased, neither the bookstore [...]

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If you publish yourself, does it become more fun than writing?

Via Bob Lefsetz, a brilliant bunch of riffs from John Mayer, who almost let social media ruin his music. I think about this in two ways: a. if you’re going to make a business of your art, you need to be responsible for the monetization–you can’t wait to get picked. b. on the other hand, [...]

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Traditional publishing: “Be famous, build a platform, organize a tribe, then we’ll publish your non-fiction book.” Self publishing, particularly long-tail digital self-publishing: “Write a book, codify a manifesto, put it into the world and use it attract, organize and build a platform.” When the cost of showing up goes down (so the real cost is [...]

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The evolution of pop culture

Here’s the question: does pop culture change top down, or do people always get what they want/deserve? Do car companies push a style upon the market, or does the market choose a style? Can an influencer (like Ellen or the NYT) make a book a mass sensation, or do they merely make a bunch of [...]

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Allergic to books

Here’s a comment from a thread after a particularly positive post about Derek‘s new book, “These are excellent quotes. I’m definitely buying Derek’s book hopefully sometime in the near future.” Hey, it’s $9. It takes less time to read than a few blogs. No, the issue isn’t the time and the issue isn’t the money. [...]

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