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August 2011

Back in stock!

The four-pack of the Zig Ziglar goal planner is now back in stock. I appreciate your patience. You can now go about transforming your life and work.

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Quality, price, marginal cost and the open door

No one expects a Bugatti or Tesla to cost the same as a used Celica. After all, if you want a car that is silent, fast and sexy, you will (and should) pay more for it. No one expects that dinner at Alinea should cost the same as dinner at McDonald’s. After all, even though [...]

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Social media, webcasts, science, a free ebook and a world record…

Dan Zarrella, chief scientist at HubSpot, has written a new book and we’re honored to publish it. This week only, the Kindle edition (also readable on the iPad, Mac, PC, etc.) is free in some of the many countries around the world. (UK) Thanks to our sponsors, MailChimp and HubSpot. If you do online marketing [...]

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The big pile of books

Cleaning out a moldy corner of my basement, I ended up with a stack of about 400 paperback books. Looking at each cover, I remember what was inside. Each contained a notion or an adventure or an idea. It adds up. (With some, I even remember where I was when I read them). The magic [...]

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Stop wasting time and make your meetings matter.

Since its publication last week, Read This Before Our Next Meeting rose to the #1 most popular book on the Kindle in the world. It’s been downloaded by thousands of people (thanks to our sponsor, Citrix) and is sure to help hundreds of organizations change what they do all day. New York Times bestselling author [...]

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Are you feeling lucky?

One of the biggest distinctions between old publishing and new is the nature of luck. The fact is, in the old model, something had to become a bestseller. What to Expect When You’re Expecting just hit its tenth year on the bestseller lists (520 weeks in a row, 17 million copies sold). It’s a great [...]

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Meetings are death, death to meetings

[For a limited time, the Kindle edition is free...] I got a note from my friend Michael last week. He was explaining his new job. Apparently, in a typical ten hour day, he has nine hours and fifteen minutes of meetings on his schedule. Forty-five minutes to do work. If meetings aren’t work, what are [...]

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