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September 2011

Weird excerpt (and teleconference)

[The call was great (though the recording isn't so loud... here's the mp3 file] Here’s an excerpt: Origins of dominion Someone always wants to be in charge. But how? The long-term plan is to train people to accept someone giving them orders. Sure, we can resort to physical force, but the arithmetic doesn’t support asymmetry. [...]

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Want to buy a watch? Patronage, scarcity and souvenirs

A hundred years ago, if you wanted to know what time it was, you had to make a significant investment–in a watch. Twenty years ago, Timex made it clear that if you merely wanted the time (not jewelry) it would be about $15. And five years ago, every kid with a cell phone got the [...]

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How many covers?

“I’ll take mine swami-side up…” The hardcover edition of We Are All Weird has two covers. You can take off the paper dust jacket, turn it over, refold it and put it back on. Voila, a new front cover and back cover. Some people were concerned that my original cover wouldn’t accomplish my goal–to emphasize [...]

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My new book: We Are All Weird (limited edition) on sale now

Special alert for Domino readers… My new book, We Are All Weird goes on sale today. We only have 11,000 hardcover copies on sale at Amazon, with no plans to print more. I wanted you to have first dibs. (PS, Outside the USA? click here). Why limit the number printed? Conventional publishing wisdom says that [...]

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Resources for authors

I’ve worked with some great people in building out the Domino Project, and some of them are now accepting independent authors as clients. I have no idea if they’ve got enough bandwidth to help you with your project, but I wanted to let you know about them. They’re not cheap, but they’re a bargain. Alex [...]

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I might not be an author

The Author’s Guild is suing the University of Michigan and other college libraries because of their selfish, heinous plan to digitize and freely share old books for which authors cannot be found. The Author’s Guild, which does not speak for me, nor for any author I know or possibly have ever met, says that this [...]

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Tote bag marketing, books and sneakers

Not sure if you’ve seen the auction Nike is doing to raise money for Michael J. Fox’s foundation that researches for a cure for Parkinsons. 1,500 pair of shoes were made based on the futuristic sneakers he wore in the original Back to the Future movie. So far, typical bids are around $4,000 a pair, [...]

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This ebook isn’t free

In fact, it costs double the standard amount. Over the last few months, alert readers of the Domino Project blog have gotten a ton of free ebooks, each a bestseller, each worth reading and sharing. You don’t owe us anything for that. The exchange was obvious–your attention and goodwill and willingness to share made it [...]

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