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November 2011

Sarah Kay update

Thanks to you, since Monday, Sarah’s new book has been the #1 bestselling poetry book. If you received your copy and it moved you, feel free to head over and post a review. My goal is for every mom, sister and daughter to get one this season as a bonus gift, sort of a hug [...]

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Why publish poetry?

Sarah Kay’s astonishing poem in hardcover. I’m still amazed at this extraordinary young woman and her talent. As a teenager, she bootstrapped her way onto the stage at poetry jams in New York, and then, before the age most people get a clue, she earned not one but two standing ovations at TED, turning her [...]

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Updating page a day

For a decade or more, the page a day calendar was a cultural force, a lot of fun and really profitable. Little calendars that sat on every desk, entertaining us with Gary Larson cartoons or the quote of the day. My brainstorm is pretty simple: use an app to take over the screen saver/lock page [...]

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Seth and Leo

A juicy interview with lots of learnings (is learnings a word?) about the Domino Project and the book business, happily shared. (Skype is a miracle, but the quality is a little variable, sorry).

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Shovelware–it’s time to rate publishers

Now that shelf space is infinite, now that ebooks take up no room and every seller of them has an incentive to have a nearly infinite selection, the inevitable next step shows up: When anyone can publish a book, anyone will. Far worse than the individuals publishing junk, though are organizations generating literally thousands of [...]

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Tracking an idea

I spent an hour today tracking the trajectory of an idea spreading, and there’s plenty to learn. The New York Times is featuring an article by Christopher McDougall in Sunday’s magazine (keyed around the NY Marathon). The article is a punchy piece about how to run better, without pain. A few things to note already: [...]

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