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December 2011

How the long tail cripples bonus content/multimedia

The Long Tail is Chris Anderson’s brilliant coinage. If you’re not up to speed on it, here you go. Well, the long tail has hit the book business, and hard. The number of ebooks published in 2012 is going to exceed a million, easily. That’s more than 8 times as many books as were published [...]

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How much should an ebook cost?

This is the wrong question. The right question is: How much will an ebook cost? Because the answer isn’t up to one author or one publisher or even a price-fixing cartel. It’s up to the market, which is a far more complicated entity. There are no shoulds in the market, just reality. On one hand, [...]

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Fake books

When anyone can publish a book, anyone will. Including people who will collect up public domain articles, paste them into Word and hit publish. And people who will use keywords to trick you into thinking a book is about something it isn’t. Of course, there have been counterfeit handbags for sale on the streets of [...]

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Who wants to break the Internet?

It’s not the struggling artists, it’s corporations, lawyers and boards who are in favor of such a shortsighted law . Here’s the list of companies behind one of the lobbying groups pushing for SOPA (here are three links about the law). Now you know who to call: ABC AFTRA – American Federation of Television and [...]

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Amazon’s #1 bestselling business book of the year

Amazon just released their list of the top-selling 100 books of 2011. Thanks to you, Poke the Box came in around 65 on the list, which was led by Steve Jobs, filled with fiction and the occasional kid’s book. It’s on sale right now for $5 in hardcover, but not sure for how long. The [...]

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It might stick with you

Today Domino is publishing a free book, something worth your time and attention. The Flinch is by Julien Smith, co-author (with Chris Brogan) of the bestselling Trust Agents. If you hurry, you can get your copy of The Flinch at no charge for Kindles in the USA (and Australia and the Netherlands). Other territories may [...]

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Two bargains (quick)

Yes, it’s possible to deliver a paper book for less than $20. For the next two hours, the Zig Ziglar goal planner is 75% off ($10 for four books) [alas, time expired... but thanks, and it's still half off for now] And Poke the Box is $5 each in hardcover.  Not sure how long that [...]

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Selling vs. reading

Back when the only way to get someone to read your work was to get them to actually buy your work first, a focus on selling and a focus on being read were the same thing. Paper cost money. You need to sell the book if you want someone to read it, so feel free [...]

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