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Author’s Gift: More than 200 songs when you purchase Anything You Want

Author Derek Sivers, founder of CDBaby, has reached out to some of the best independent musicians in the world and asked them to work with him in creating a gift for anyone who buys a copy of his new book, Anything You Want.

The details for getting your $200 gift are here:

1. You’ll need the secret codeword. If you have the CD edition, it’s just above the bar code. If you have the Kindle or the hardcover, look on the copyright page. It’s as noted below:

Click to enlarge

2. Once you have the code, visit Derek’s site ( and answer the simple questions. Derek’s computer will automatically send you a link to pick up the mp3 files.

3. The link will bring you to a page where you can pick up a sampler or download the entire gargantuan file.

4. Please enjoy. And share the ideas… but not the files the musicians have donated.


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