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The Domino Project Q/A

What is The Domino Project?

The Domino Project is a new publishing company founded by author Seth Godin, and powered by Amazon. Working together, Seth and Amazon will publish “manifestos” to send ideas worth spreading into the world on a platform suited to do so.

The Domino Project is named after the domino effect—one powerful idea spreads down the line, pushing from person to person. This imprint will be the first to use the new Powered by Amazon program, which enables authors to leverage Amazon’s global distribution, multiple format production capabilities including digital, print and audio, and Amazon’s powerful personalized, targeted marketing reach.

Traditional book publishing is missing a key asset—customer insight. Publishers don’t have knowledge of or a connection to readers. Without knowing who is reading what, and without the ability to communicate with readers, publishers and authors are unable to learn from (and lead) their audiences.

What happens when you create more books for your readers instead of readers for your books? What happens when the speed and transparency of the internet is put to work on behalf of authors with big ideas that are worth spreading? What happens when you package books in a way that’s organized for them to spread? That’s the goal of the Domino Project.

Core Tenets of The Domino Project:

  • High quality ideas, packaged with cogency and urgency in mind.
  • Permission at the heart of the model.
  • Virality first. The most powerful ideas spread from hand to hand, so create content that works best when spread.
  • Speed triumphs. Rapid time to market, evolution, rapid response to reader.

Who is Seth Godin?

Seth is an innovative businessman experimenting with content through a new publishing model. He’s written twelve bestselling books and writes about the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and changing everything. Seth found that the single best way to help his books reach an audience was to use the internet to connect. Unleashing the Ideavirus was the first ebook ever given away free by a bestselling author—and more than 3 million people have downloaded a copy. His blog reaches millions of people every month, furthering his ability to connect with people in search of ideas.

Who are the authors at The Domino Project?

The first title, Poke the Box, will be written by Seth and published on March 1, 2011. Poke the Box will be available as a 52-multipack and letter-pressed collectible edition in addition to the hardcover. Stay tuned for news on next books and authors on The Domino Project blog, where we’ll make announcements and updates often.

How can I buy books published by The Domino Project?

Print, audio, and Kindle versions of The Domino Project books can be purchased on or through other book retailers.

What is Powered by Amazon?

Amazon was founded on the idea that an electronic bookstore could offer more than a simple way to buy a book. By making it easy for readers to find other titles, to post reviews and to share ideas, Amazon has transformed the way books are purchased. Amazon is committed to making more books available in more ways for their customers, and authors themselves are a very important customer group. New formats like the Kindle create opportunities for a new publishing model based on abundance, not scarcity. Combining Amazon’s ability to interact with a publisher’s need to spread ideas makes perfect sense. Powered by Amazon is fulfilling an underserved area in the publishing world where authors have the opportunity to work directly with Amazon as their main means of distribution and marketing.

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