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Businesses partnering with a publisher?

We’re creating modern, intelligent solutions that solve key pain points for businesses in a high impact and cost-effective way. General Electric and Shopify are some of the first to work with us and they’re thrilled with the results thus far.

Our Belief

Books and ideas are important and when placed in the hands of the right people, can create something magical.  There is an inherent trust in published content. This is something that can be simultaneously leveraged and respected. Learn more here.

Let our partners speak for themselves

Here are some of the phenomenal companies we’re partnering with who are making major strides in their industries:

General Electric
General Electric was our first partner for our “Launch an e-Book campaign”. They were looking for ways to reach large audiences in a more engaging way and felt that our unique opportunity of sponsoring the worldwide distribution of our newest release, Do the Work by Steven Pressfield, was a phenomenal idea.

On top of that, they needed resources to train their C-level executives in a cost effective and impactful way. They realized that getting their employees to read the training material was half the battle, so they needed something short, compelling and of high quality. So they purchased 5,000 copies of Poke the Box – The Domino Project’s first book – to put their upper level management ahead of the curve. They love the results!

Shopify recognized a need to motivate and educate upcoming entrepreneurs on the ins and out of business, particularly in the e-commerce space.

They also recognized the long-term value in positioning themselves as thought leaders in their industry. By creating an educational asset that businesses owners and entrepreneurs can continue to revisit to improve their efforts, they are engaging communities in a meaningful way.

As a result, they are leveraging our first manifesto, Poke the Box, to educate the e-commerce community via their annual “Build a Business Contest”. What’s more, they’re encouraging sign-ups by mailing books to each customer that participates!

Covalent Marketing

As a smaller consulting firm, they realized that it would take something special to get the attention of high level execs at major conferences.

They also wanted a tool that reflected their belief and commitment to building long -term relationships with each client as well as one that wouldn’t break the bank. So why not start with a conversation?

They’re using 300 copies of Poke the Box, each with a personalized note, to hand out to upper level IBM executives at the UNICA MIS 2011 conference to initiate the first of many conversations. They are even reserving a few copies to pass out to employees and new interns as a way to train and motivate.

Why it works

The right mix and proportion of ingredients is key to a phenomenal dessert. Here’a sneak peak at The Domino recipe:

  • Exceptional content: With authors like Steven Pressfield, Seth Godin and Tom Peters, our content has a bite to it that is memorable and engaging.
  • Strong brands: General Electric, Shopify, Amazon and more… We know it’s important to work with the right kinds of people…
  • Unparalleled platform and distribution: To get the job done right, you work with the best. And who better than Amazon for fulfillment?
  • Amazing team: The Dominoes (as we call ourselves) is a group of talented, creative and exceptionally ambitious individuals who are always raising the bar.

We offer various partnership packages that help companies of all sizes grow, train and innovate (see below). We also are able and excited to create tailored partnerships and sponsorships, like what we did for Shopify and their 2011 Build a Business Contest.

Inside look at our solutions:

“Launch an e-Book” Sponsorship Package:

Problem: You need to engage with large audiences more effectively and strengthen brand.

Solution: Be the exclusive sponsor for the worldwide distribution of one of our upcoming best sellers (kindle edition). Your sponsorship allows anyone with internet to download their copy for free (for a limited time). The best part is that all of the credit goes to you! We think that’s a pretty powerful way to engage the people you want to do business with. We also offer companies a variety of ways to create branded e-books for targeted audiences (e.g. email marketing for targeted lists) or for mass production (i.e. general PR and branding).


Inspire, Engage & Lead Package:

Problem: Leadership training is expensive and uses valuable time.

Solution: Distribute The Domino Project books as a training tool to spark conversation and cultivate leadership. GE recently purchased 5,000 copies of Poke the Box – The Domino Project’s first book – to train upper level management. And with our monthly book club in the works and fresh content rolling out each month, we aim to make the process as turn-key as possible so you can spend time on what matters most.


Conference Outreach:

Problem: While at tradeshows, you find yourself with too many unqualified leads and not enough booth traffic.

Solution: Send out The Domino Projects books in advance to spark conversation and build connections. Participants at the UNICA MIS Conference are using Domino books to drive booth traffic and secure appointments pre-event with high level executives.


Build and Grow Your Tribe:

Problem: Initiating contact with prospects and securing more business is difficult in a challenging economy.

Solution: Use The Domino Project books as a marketing tool to help initiate conversation with prospects and build goodwill. Shopify is leveraging our books to position themselves as a thought leader in the e-commerce space. What’s more, they’re encouraging action by mailing books to each customer that participates in a Shopify contest.


Customer/Client Development:

Problem: You’re in need of new ways to deepen relationships with customers and employees.

Solution: Use The Domino Project books as a thoughtful gift to reward and thank your best customers and employees. Gift a certain amount of books to your clients the day before the bestseller is released to the public. It’s exclusive, thoughtful and  helps build trust and loyalty.

For more information or to place an order, please contact Lauryn Ballesteros.


FAQ About Sponsorships, Partnerships & Bulk Sales

What’s the difference between sponsorships and partnerships?

Sponsorships take place when companies make it easy for people to read our manifestos by investing in advertising and distribution. When GE underwrote the Kindle edition of Do the Work, they enabled hundreds of thousands of people to read an early copy of the book for free–and got to place an ad in every copy.

Partnerships are more elaborate; they involve using our resources towards a designated campaign that The Domino Project participates in.


What other books do you have besides Poke the Box?

Lots! And from some phenomenal authors. For a full list of upcoming releases, please contact Lauryn Ballesteros here.


Must you have a Kindle in order to read the Kindle editions of each book?

No. You can read the Kindle edition on any electronic device with the Kindle app. Download it here.


Are there opportunities for branding both the hardcover books and Kindle editions?

There are opportunities to brand both the hardcover and Kindle editions. For the Kindle–it’s a great tool to reach the public using a sponsorship. For the hardcover, bulk copies are a great giveaway to clients, prospects or employees. We can even help create a bellyband for branding.


Do you sell Kindle editions (e-books) in mass quantities?

Almost! This is coming soon. If you’d like to be notified when this option presents itself, please contact Lauryn here.


We want to order a larger quantity of books. Do you offer special pricing for bulk sales?

Yes.  For orders of 300 books or more, please contact Lauryn directly (here) .

Books in quantities less than 300 books should be ordered from Amazon directly (go here).

We priced them really inexpensively so it will be easy for you to buy 50 or a hundred or more.


We want Seth to speak at our upcoming event or conference. Is that part of the sponsorship packages?

Seth doesn’t speak as part of partnerships or sponsorship packages. If you or your company are interested in commissioning him (or our other amazing authors) to speak, please contact him directly (here) .


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