The Domino Project
launches early next year

The Domino Project
launches early next year

It’s no secret that publishing is changing. After five hundred years, the act of making, selling, reading and sharing books is evolving. Ten years from now, it will be (for the first time) unrecognizable to Gutenberg. My expanded thoughts on this are on my blog today.

We can’t promise everything we do will work—in fact, I’m sure it won’t—but I’m confident that it will be interesting. Please subscribe if you can, so we can keep you up to date, send you free stuff and let you in first on limited editions. Thanks.

PS Amazon has a page about the project now.

31 Replies to “The Domino Project
launches early next year”

  1. Thank you for stepping up & leading this revolution. Looking forward to meeting you in NYC in January and all the possibilities.

  2. Amazing and of course truly revolutionary! This changes everything and I see this as a way to share not only ideas, books, manifesto’s but also other media after all the path is shorter now as there is not middleman. It applies to ideas, books, music, video all can directly reach the tribe now.
    I am excited about this development.

  3. This has been need for years, if not decades.

    Now if I can just get used to not having a paper book in my hands.

  4. The technology gadget like Kindle and iPad has initiated and provoke the thoughts of writing, publishing and owning a book.

    Looking forward to how DominoProject is going to revolutionize it, really excited…

    Thank you for this initiation of involving early the real people who spend money to read them (books) 🙂

  5. Hey Seth:

    You’re so right about the publishing industry being turned upside-down.

    This HEINZ catsup model (it only took ’em 50 years to figure out the bottle should sit on its head so gravity could work its magic)is much needed in the publishing industry to keep it current and relevant.

    Please let me know how I can support your efforts with the Domino Project.

    I’m all for supporting authors and getting books in as many people’s hands and heads as possible – in whatever shape that may take.

    Sam Horn
    Author of POP! and Tongue Fu!
    Former Emcee of the Maui Writers Conference

  6. Bonsoir,

    c’est compliqué de répondre à ça en anglais, mais je devine que l’idée est intéressante, on sent énormément d’énergie dans toutes les initiatives de Michael. Je vous souhaite un vif succès, d’avance mérité car l’enthousiasme est toujours gagnant.
    à bientôt de voir lire,
    and best regards from Paris

  7. Seth and the Godin Ninjas,

    Methinks there’s room here for synergy with the music community. We’ve had a jump on the publishing world by years, and will be good allies in this struggle forward.

    Combinations of music and print, anyone?

  8. Hi Seth,
    I would like to be a part of this project. In short, this is like breaking the berlin wall of the Publishing business.


  9. Can’t wait! Paper mediums are no longer the channels for finding new careers/jobs either. Social Media Profiles have been the new resumes for a while, too, but haven’t hit the mainstream yet. Excited to see what you have coming down the pipe…

  10. I’m hoping this project will lead the way in removing the mysterious intermediaries who stand between good writers and good readers. All the best!

  11. As a writer, I think this project is awesome! The book publishing industry is just too slow and doesn’t affectively engage its audience, the readers. If writers can get their books out to readers who are interested in the topic/writer in a fast and easy way (focused advertising), and writers get a larger (and more fair) cut of the revenue generated from sales (because manufacturing and ad costs drop), than the entire industry will be better for it!!

  12. I’ve been asking the questions you seek to answer- many thanks and the best of luck. My manifesto and story is compelling- The Work Orgasm, however I am lost in my search to find my tribe and navigate through the middlemen. I will be following and listening closely.

  13. I’m writing a book for my org now and am struggling with these issues too. Our material is already online yet we’re targeting books as a better way to let complex info go person to person. I’m eager to stay in the loop on what’s next.

  14. Brilliant. This will also help to make ideas and learning available to all who wish to access from developing nations and places. As long as they can get online…it helps them…superb move.


  15. Hi Seth – it seems I’m the only one, or perhaps it’s too early here in Australia but I’m still really unclear about what this project IS. Is someone able to direct me to more info that clearly spells it out.

    Have signed up for the newsletter because I’m always interested in what you’re up to so I’m sure it will become more clear a it rolls on but I can get some info now, it would be appreciated.

  16. Where Seth’s going in nonfiction we’re going in innovative fiction and (soon) poetry. But we do include visual art, music and now video alongside and sometimes in our books. We publish in 4 editions: b/w paper; color paper; ebooks and fine art limited editions that are about as wild as you’ll ever find. Finally, literature arrives in the 21st Century!

  17. This looks like a powerful way to get innovative books into the hands and minds of the innovators who will apply new concepts and share with their tribes. I would like to learn how I might publish my next book series with this concept.

  18. Great idea for getting innovative books into the hands and minds of innovators who will share with their tribes. I would like to learn how to publish my next books through this concept.

  19. Hi Seth!

    Intriguing idea! But it worries me as to how much Amazon would influence as to what gets published and what does not! (no offence to Amazon, I think they are a great company!)

    Also, you should consider compiling all your blog posts from ‘’ in a book form. It would be an interesting and novel read if this hasn’t been done before. (just a random thought)

    From Karachi, Pakistan!

  20. The concept makes sense in our highly social media culture. The technology exists to do just about everything you can imagine. Seth, I’m sure the final product will be great. Thanks for doing this for all of us.

    As a new author, I am running into all of the challenges that you discuss and more. My book is great, but I don’t want to see icebergs melt before people find out about it.

    Eagerly awaiting,

  21. What an amazing project! I hope this revolutionizes the educational publishing business as well, since our teachers need all the professional development resources they can get!
    I’m really excited to see how this pans out in 2011.

    Aerin Guy
    Mission Control