In Search of a Domino Street Team

In Search of a Domino Street Team

Hey, I’m Amber Rae, the Domino Project’s chief evangelist. Lovely to meet you.

Exciting news! The Domino Project is creating a worldwide street team. We’re on a mission to create a domino effect around the world, spreading ideas to people who care. We’re reinventing publishing, and that means we need a bunch of smart, vocal, passionate and connected people to help us do so.

How do you know if you’re a good fit? You are: a digital native who blogs, tweets and instagrams like nobody’s business. You take risks, challenge conventions, and care about reinventing outdated systems. You’re inspired by great thinkers like Seth Godin and organizations like TED, and you love spreading ideas that matter. When you read a great book, you immediately want to share it with others. It changed your life and you want it to change other people’s lives too. If that sounds like you, this is your opportunity.

In exchange for spreading the word, you’ll get a first look at new books, a platform for hosting fun events and other exclusive offers.

We’ll pick 50 or so people and the mission will last around six months, with the potential to go longer. We’ve never done this before, and though we certainly might fail, we’ll definitely create impact.

Apply here by this Friday, January 28 at Noon ET. While we can’t respond to everyone’s submission, we’ll connect with those who make the team by February 1. Good luck.

Amber Rae is The Domino Project’s chief evangelist. You can find more of Amber at or on Twitter @heyamberrae.

35 Replies to “In Search of a Domino Street Team”

  1. What will you require people to do?

    It sounds like you want a bunch of popular people to broadcast your “reinvention” of publishing.

  2. Curiosity killed the cat. I almost signed up, but I swore I would not take on any projects that eat up my time this year. Yikes. Can we get a little more info on what is required?

  3. I’m probably under qualified, but don’t care. I’m thinking this is going to be big. I want to be part of something real, that matters. Changing the world with information seems like the perfect choice!

  4. Hey everyone, thanks for your comments!

    @Nicole @Lindsay – As far as what we’ll require people to do, we’re looking for passionate people who care about spreading thoughtful and meaningful messages. It’s an opportunity to be involved with something important from the ground up. We’ll ask that you use your voice in a way that feels right to you. And together, we’ll make cool stuff happen.

    This is our first time trying this, so we’ll learn as we go. That said, it’s not the type of opportunity where we’ll tell you how many hours you need to be involved or what exactly you should do. Instead, we’re bringing on those who take initiative and are eager to use their strengths and passions to spread ideas that matter.

  5. this is a brilliant and ida that will work anything that gets literature to a wider audience can only be good for all parties this way beats the established method hands down hope that i can become one of many dominoes

  6. Amber,

    What an exciting project. I would love to be chosen to take part in sharing our voices to enact positive change but either way, I’ll help spread the word.


  7. This sounds like an interesting project, but right now is not a good time for me to get involved in someone else’s evangelism; I need all my energy to get my business off the ground.

  8. Hey, I am interested in your project. I founded one of the earliest online journals (our motto is saving trees since 1998) and believe totally in ebooks and net publishing. I have two novels out with a small e-publisher. Love what Seth Godin does. And love ideas.

  9. Willing to be a part of just about everything I’ve ever loved…..newness and the future of change.