January update for the Domino Project

January update for the Domino Project

Hope you enjoyed the holiday break. We’ve been busy…

The first manifesto is finished, copyedited, typeset and at the printer.  I’ve been involved in literally hundreds of books, but there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you see the finished pages for the first time.

There are another half dozen or so titles in varying stages of development, I’ll share more as they get closer to reality.

Last week, half a dozen extraordinary people (I’m calling them the Dominoes) joined me on the team. That has led to a never-ending spate of brainstorming, bar raising and general bonhomie. Bonhomie is underrated.

I was surprised at how powerful it was to add a group of people to the team on the same day. Projects usually grow piecemeal, one person at a time. When half a dozen people join at once you get a chance to reset expectations and assumptions. I’ve found it challenging and incredibly productive.

Look for more details in the weeks to come. In the meantime, our FAQ will continue to be updated.

9 Replies to “January update for the Domino Project”

  1. How is Amazon manufacturing these different versions and in hardcover no less, all released at the same time?

    I have been asking Amazon’s many divisions how to do this; nada, zilch, can’t be done is the parroted script.

    Sooo, how does one create one of these incredibly special, “Powered by Relationships”, like having Amazon print hardcovers, etc.

    -amazed & bewildered

  2. Great, Seth! And this is not just the future but also the present. We’re already practicing a similar but more expansive model with all of our titles: ebooks (under $10); B&W POD ($12-24), color POD ($40-80), and fine art limited editions ($2,000-20,000). Likewise, we’re reevaluating traditional marketing channels, like book critics, are too much of a crap shoot that typically review only major publishers and therefore cost innovative presses like us far more in time and money than they reward us. We know who our primary audiences are and therefore are moving toward a model that markets directly to them.

  3. Congrats Seth. What a project. Life is finally coming back to normal after the safe arrival of my daughter in December

    Excited to watch the domino project move forward. I’m even more excited about the first three manifestos. Bring em on!