Poke the Box, our first title, is now ready for pre-order

Poke the Box, our first title, is now ready for pre-order

The first book from the Domino Project is ready for pre-order. (Hurry… the limited edition of 400 probably won’t last very long). Subscribers to this blog get first shot, of course.

Poke the Box comes in hardcover, Kindle and a limited edition signed copy with a letterpress cover and a poster as well. The Kindle edition will run on any PC or Mac as well as the iPad and the (real) Kindle. If the price goes down between now and pub date on March 1, Amazon will only charge you the lowest price.

Hosting a party? Teaching a crowd? Yes, there’s a 5 pack and a 52 pack as well. A key tenet of our project is that ideas that spread win, and books are just too hard to spread. To make it easier, we’ve packaged up and discounted the books so you can hand them out.

First come first served. I hope they help you make a difference.

Long ago, Seth Godin was one of the best solo canoeists in Canada. He is also the founder of the Domino Project and author of Poke the Box.

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  1. Here is an interesting idea for the 52 pack – Find 1 person a week who you think the book would help out and give it to them. Imagine the impact of doing that.

  2. Printing a limited run of copies is an intriguing idea given how it should shape demand. I am, however, going to play devil’s advocate for a second and say that there’s something dispiriting about the book being announced and not being available right away. It seems to run counter to the spirit of the Domino Project itself. Furthermore, for me personally, I clicked the link, read about the book, and thought, “I would like to read this.” Then I realized I couldn’t. So I’m filing it away now to the back of my brain, and by March, when it is available, I won’t have that initial “buy now” spark I just had, making a purchase far less likely.

  3. Hi have been watching with interest the developments of this ‘project’. Am I the only one that thinks without Seth’s association with this there would be “nothing to see here”? You’re a niche publisher using amazon to sell books. What is the revolutionary part?

    In funny that you say that there is “No patience for obsolete institutions. Bestseller lists are not worth compromising for.” And yet your website you mention being a bestseller on several occasions. Like a rich person saying money isn’t important…

    1. Hi,
      Saw your website. Its good. Agree with your comment about not needing motivational speakers to be able to do the obvious, to get ahead in life. Just take the inspiration and leave the rest to oneself. Its sad to see people following motivational speakers with awe and reverence as though they were messiahs. Its a sign of the times.

  4. How ’bout some Driod love? Do not forget Kindle for Android…

    Hans, Hans … PreOrder and get it the same day its released a month later is like a surprize present you bought for yourself and forgot about!

  5. I’m keeping a keen on the Domino Project. Very interested in seeing where publishing goes these next few years.
    Congrats on the first release under the banner.

  6. When I click “Domino Project” in the post above, I get a page saying :We Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

    But then, if there’s any way to do a computer thing wrong, I’ll find it….

  7. Ummmm…your project sounds interesting but before I order a book I generally like to know what it’s about. Can you give me some hints of what’s in “Poke the Box”? When I see that title, I can’t help thinking about the warnings against “buying a pig in a poke.”

  8. Sorry, but am I missing something? What is the book about? I don’t see ANY information on the content… and yet people are already buying it… they must know something I don’t

  9. Hey Craig,
    There’s a brief description on the Amazon page, pasted below…

    Book Description: If you’re stuck at the starting line, you don’t need more time or permission. You don’t need to wait for a boss’s okay or to be told to push the button; you just need to poke.

    Poke the Box is a manifesto by bestselling author Seth Godin that just might make you uncomfortable. It’s a call to action about the initiative you’re taking-– in your job or in your life. Godin knows that one of our scarcest resources is the spark of initiative in most organizations (and most careers)-– the person with the guts to say, “I want to start stuff.”

    Poke the Box just may be the kick in the pants you need to shake up your life.
    Also, I find it odd that so many people take the time to ridicule in the form of a comment. If it’s not for you, own up to it and move on. If you have a personal beef w/ something, last I checked, Seth answers every email he gets. Address it with him directly rather than take shots in the comments.

    I just don’t get where the public display of your well articulated displeasures get you. Or the rest of us.

    1. Hi Jeb,

      I understand your point. Sometimes negativity is simpy distracting – and unproductive.

      But doesn’t inclusion of a “Comment” section invite exchange and feedback, be it positive or negative? There is always the option not to include, but that is counter-intuitive to the use of social media as a communication platform. Plus, I have to admit that I find the conversation here quite interesting. And if messages were sent directly to Seth, I would miss out on the discussion.

    2. Hey, Jeb:
      What’s the point of comments if you don’t want comments? I am a huge huge huge Seth fan and I think several of these comments have merit. I’m sure Seth is listening and hopefully learning. This is a powerful idea that will just get better with candid feedback.

    3. Comments can be both good and bad, surely there are not just a place for – in this case – massaging Seth’s ego? Be serious. I doubt very much Seth wants to deal with emails saying “but why the pre order?”.

  10. There’s an interview with Seth on the Amazon.com page which explains pretty clearly what the book is about, and whom it is for.

    Unfortunately, the Kindle edition won’t ‘ship’ to Singapore or India 🙁

    Wonder why a ‘revolutionary’ publishing platform should accept/live by constraints such as those! Let’s revolutionize DISTRiBUTION of books too. I’m sick and tired of waiting for Seth’s books for weeks (or even months, as with ‘Meatball Sundae’) before I could pick up a copy in the bookstore.

    Back then, the ‘explanation’ was that it’s how “traditional publishing” works. Well, we’re NOT traditional in the Domino Project, now, are we? Or are we? 😉

    All success

    1. This project is not revolutionary.

      Using Amazon is hardly breaking the mould, writing a book is nothing new, using a website to promote a book is also nothing new and people making recommendations is definitely not new.

    2. LoL

      Just discovered the limited edition is only available on Amazon.com and not on Amazon c.o.uk (Kindle and hardcover are), but since not everyone in Europe has an amazon.com account – it is turning into a very limiting limited edition. Crossing that pond again, eh! 😉

      Let’s revolutionise DISTRiBUTION of limited editions too!

      Karin H (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

  11. Jeb-

    When you’re a well-know person in America, you open yourself up to criticism. I am sure Seth has thick skin to go with his larger-than-average pocketbook — so he’ll quickly get over any mean-spirited feedback. Besides, ain’t all publicity good publicity? Both the haters and the lovers have equally relevant points of view because they signify the deep passions people have across the spectrum of ideas.

    To be honest, I share some of the sentiment others have shared. Teasers for The Domino Project got me to this page, but after clicking all the links, I still was not sure what was so amazing about the new business model or the book.

    Reading the comments actually clued me in on some of the missing details while confirming my first reaction to reviewing the content on this site — it’s a bit shallow and could be improved with some enhanced content. My suggestion is to either add to your content or choose to be deliberately vague (maybe that’s your point?).

    It’s up to you. It’s your website. It’s your business model. You own both the goals and the outcome.

    As a published author myself and someone who enjoys breaking molds, good luck on the book and your new business venture!


  12. (There’s no poking the box if you are working through Amazon.)
    Also, although promotion of online motivational information products with a long coy drumroll is all the rage now, it’s not worth throwing in with this. If you have a product that offers value, spell out the value points. Don’t sell The Domino Project with no explanation of what it is and with a “limited-time-limited-run-you’re-missing-the-bus-if-you-don’t-buy-mymysteriousproduct-now” pitch. Providing phantom value is how our country got into the mortgage and other economic crises. If you are sure you are offering value, brag about it. Otherwise, it looks like you’ve been drinking your own KoolAid for too long. Empty calories.

  13. While I’m a tremendous fan of Seth Godin and I’m sure most anything with his name on it is worth the cost, the initial marketing had zero information about what the book was about. Is this a Seinfeldian marketing book about marketing nothing?

  14. Awesome! So excited! Seth Godin is an institution. The value of The Domino Project will grow. How cool that I was motivated to buy (Limited Edition-bet this will be a wonderful keep sake; and the 52 pack) without reading what the book was about….and then, voila – the book is about “you don’t need more time or permission.” My response makes sense in Gladwellian terms 🙂 Go Domino Project!

  15. Love your books, blog, videos, etc. Hate the font on this site – it’s tough on the eyes and distracts from the content.

  16. I know this is not something the Domino Project can control but it’s something to think about…. something that frustrates me to no end. I only read books on my Ipad now (haters I don’t want to hear it – I enjoy it) but in both the kindel and ibooks apps there is no option to copy paste.

    Now I understand the logic – copyright, ip, etc, etc… But it makes sharing great ideas (and in turn selling more books) very difficult!

    I don’t know how may times I was reading linchpin and a line struck me with such force I said… “I have to share this.” So I head over to twitter and spend the next 10 minutes flipping back and forth between the two apps trying to type the quote correctly. After doing this 3 times I just decided to stop sharing what I was learning…. It was just too much of a pain and got me out of my “flow.”

    Now if there was a simple copy/paste… or better yet, highlight and post to twitter or FB option then I would share a lot more – good ideas would spread – and more books would be sold.

    Until a solution like this exists I don’t see how the domino project will change much. You need to be able to easily share your insights while in the moment, while your excited about the idea! (Seth – push amazon on this issue please)

  17. I just ordered the Limited Edition for a couple of reasons: I love well made hardbound books, I think we are at an inflection point and the value of virtual goods and durable goods is going to begin to shift. What interests me about the Domino Project is its ability to fundamentally change the way we consume the printed word. Which frankly is one of my complaints about the Limited Edition.

    You could have blown me out of the water by including the kindle version for free with the Limited Edition. For $75 – 10x the kindle price tag that would have made the purchase much sweeter and really set a tone for change. I don’t mind paying a premium for a well crafted, limited edition item – but, helping me grow my digital collection at the same time would have made this release a heroic shot across the bow instead of an intriguing first skirmish. I don’t need posters (as well crafted as this one appears to be) they are just tchotchkes that feel markety instead of authentic.

    Here is hoping that this new venture can set the bar for consuming the written word – where and how the consumer wants it.

  18. Print some books, pay for them, put them on a shelf, try to sell them, when someone wants one, charge them for it, ship it to them… really?… sounds kind of conventional to me… not that conventional is bad… unless it’s dumb.
    When someone wants a book, charge them for it, THEN print it and ship it. No inventory, no warehouse, no up-front costs, content is always current.

    In any case, this is still very exciting.

    1. Agree here, but you’re missing one item in the “when someone wants a book”:
      charge them, “THEN write it”, then print it and ship it.

      That’s revolution!
      (We’ve done this in a small way: due to high demand of a little E-guide we wrote we turned it into a POD paperback – selling it ourself, through Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com and ca and any other online – offline bookstore.

      Karin H (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

      1. Let me rephrase this:
        little E-guide (17 pages) – created from Q&A between diy-ers and us – attracted more Q’s and therefore A’s from us. Surveyed the diy-ers: if we turn it into a 160 page paperback, would you buy it? Pre-orders enabled us to cover the editing, digitising and set-up costs. Book born 😉

        Karin H

  19. Hi, looking forward to the new book (pre-ordered), but it’ll be interesting to see how the Domino approach differs from what Seth would have normally (well ) done. Stuff like 5 packs and 52 packs, I can see that happening with a regular Godin release from his own self-publishing company too. What will be the Domino beef?
    But, hey, I’m curious and excited, so we’ll see. Good luck with Domino

  20. Hi Seth,

    First, congrats on the first title, I’ll be sure to order it.

    Second, I’ve read both this post and the Mashable article and neither answers my question: Does this new imprint consist of only ebooks that you write or will Domino be open to submissions by other authors?

    (The link to Domino Project in your lead is broken.)


    1. This is answered in the FAQ. Not just ebooks either. The manifestos will be available in all formats.

  21. I’ve been looking forward to the first release from the Domino Project, and like many who have posted before me, I am disappointed that there was no description of the content of the book provided — just a vague promotion that pushed me towards a limited time only purchase. I guess I felt that, by registering to receive information as a “Domino Project Insider” that I might get the inside scoop on the first release. When what I actually received felt like cheap spam versus the usual personal, down-to-earth tone that Seth emits from his blog, I felt determined not to purchase. I could still be convinced, but like to know what I’m buying — and like a lot of consumers — don’t like to do the legwork. You need to tell me why I should buy your product. Only because I’m a fan would I bother to look for reasons why I shouldn’t just delete the email immediately. Up until this point, it has been an intriguing ride.

  22. Very interesting project although it isn’t the first combo edition ever.
    On january 24, “an history of SPIE” hyperbook has been launched: a hardcover with QRCode for online content access and the full web based book, operated on a Beevirtua platform from BeeBuzziness (http://www.beebuzziness.com)

  23. Thank you for making your Kindle addition text-to-speach enabled. Not all publishers enable their books, leaving people with print disabilities little way to access their material. I am going to pre-order the book now.

  24. Seth was once one of the best solo canoeists in Canada? Really. How did that happen?

    As a Canadian, a writer, and an occasional canoeist, I’d like to know more.

    Oh yeah, Poke The Box is a great idea too.

    So is Karen H’s idea of “charge them, THEN write it, ship it, etc”. Curious thought how you would convince people to pay for something before they get it? Still, it has possibilities.

    1. @Tony

      By building credibility, as any author/marketer does.

      Seth does that, we’ve managed to do it, others have and others – more and more – will. Is there a difference in deciding to purchase an existing book solely based on the “cover” and description of the content, and the same of a still none-existing book?

      Even better: on the latter you can even have an influence of what will be covered (we did that, using a survey asking what topics on installing wooden floors HAD TO BE in there for DIY-ers to pre-order it)

      Karin H

  25. Thank you and congratulations, Seth!

    You can change the world… and we are many to do the same as much as we can!

  26. wow. I can see why Seth doesn’t take comments on his blog.

    well, presumably the mean-spirited folks got what they were after.

    meanwhile, I’ll support this effort, because I’ve learned a lot from him over the years.

    good luck with it!