Why aren’t there words on the cover of our books?

Why aren’t there words on the cover of our books?

Four things worth noticing about the new covers from The Domino Project…

1. The most noticeable: no words on the cover. Who needs them? When you see the book online, it’s always accompanied by lots of text. You read the text on the screen, the cover is the icon. Also… when the book is on your desk, if someone asks, “what’s that?” you can talk about the book. On the other hand, if it has a bunch of text, the person knows what it is, hence no discussion.

2. Good spine. That’s in honor of Fixabook. The lizard? He’s in honor of the lizard brain and the resistance that keeps us all paralyzed.

3. Big wide flaps. Why not? They’re free. More room to tell your story.

4. Micro-blurbs. I challenged the people who read it to come up with one word blurbs. After all, it’s the enthusiasm that matters. Both Sarah and Annie felt compelled to invent their own words…

The front cover is my favorite, perhaps, of all the books I’ve ever worked on. I hope you like it.

You can see the full sample by clicking below and read a cover review at Fixabook.