Voting now closed for Initiator Contest submissions

Voting now closed for Initiator Contest submissions

Last week, we announced the Call for Initiators: Poke the Box Contest

200+ submissions later, you have confirmed what we already know: a little initiative can make a big difference. Now it’s time to cast your vote, and we’ve created a special site for that very purpose.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Visit the site:
  2. Rate the posts (we realize you might not have time to read them all, but give it a shot)
  3. Spread the word and let others know that voting is open

Voting starts now and will be closed on March 23rd at 5PM EST.

With your help, we will take the favorites and compile them into a free Kindle book – due out on April 11th. We reserve the right to override submissions if the votes are gamed or otherwise manipulated, and we hope everyone will play fair.

Thanks for your continued support.