Word on the Street: Roundup for Poke the Box

Word on the Street: Roundup for Poke the Box

Poke the Box has created a wave of conversations online and off. Last week we shared examples of individuals who’ve “poked” in their lives. These examples encouraged us (and we hope you too) to keep seeking out parts of our lives that we need to experiment with, where we can initiate and where we can push ourselves harder.

This week we’d like to share a roundup of interviews and excerpts from the online and media world. Fast Company, Forbes, and a bevy of great bloggers talked to Seth about publishing and how the industry is changing, including why the Domino Project is doing things differently and how we’re poking.

Below are links to check out. We hope you enjoy.

Len Edgerly talks to Seth about publishing and the Domino Project.

Mark Ramsey and how radio wants to start something new.

John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing talks about what it means to “poke” the box.

Phil Simon talks to Seth about changes in technology.

Tony Morgan and how to grow from “poking.”

Mitch Joel‘s podcast about the Domino Project and publishing.

Jared at Under 30 CEO talks about how to do risky things.

Fast Company on how not to be afraid of good ideas: An excerpt from Poke the Box.

Barry Moltz interviews Seth on Amex Open forum on why he’s made the move from traditional publishing.

David Garland and Seth talk about the future of books, bookstores, and publishing.

Mike Stelzner talks to Seth in the Social Media Examiner about changing the book industry.

The New Yorker picks up Michael’s interview with seth in their “Book Bench” roundup.

Forbes talks about “poking the box.”

David Meerman Scott on marketing and The Grateful Dead.