Raising the Bar with Strategic Partnerships

Raising the Bar with Strategic Partnerships

A few months ago, Shopify came to us with an interest in partnering for their 2nd Annual Build a Business Contest – an initiative that gives budding entrepreneurs the chance to create a successful online business. But this year they wanted to raise the stakes even higher.

As an online hub for people interested in learning how to run a business, Shopify knows it isn’t enough to give contestants and customers a platform to create; they also need to motivate, inspire, and guide. What’s more, they recognize that to be a prime contender in the e-commerce space, they need to be bigger than simply an e-commerce site; they need to provide their customers with the resources necessary to grow a successful business.

As a result, Shopify is giving each contestant a copy of our first publication Poke the Box by Seth Godin as motivation and inspiration for the journey ahead.

Poke the Box is entirely about taking initiative, realizing that external permission to do great work is no longer necessary, and that the time to act is now — not later. What better way to kick off the start of your business?

We think that you’ll find what Shopify is doing is brilliant, not only in their genuine mission to help entrepreneurs grow, but also in their drive to innovate, push the envelope, and find creative ways to engage their tribes in meaningful ways.

It’s companies who think big that ultimately act big and change the world. Those are the companies we are proud to work with.

Shopify launches their 2nd Annual Build a Business Contest today. Building an online business may not be for everyone, but if you’re interested in getting in on the action, stop by Shopify.com to find out more. Eyes to the sky and best of luck!