Tales of the Revolution is now available!

Tales of the Revolution is now available!

To all who contributed to Tales of the Revolution….it’s finally available.

As you hopefully remember, inspired by Seth Godin’s Poke the Box, a few weeks ago The Domino Project launched Tales of the Revolution: True Stories of People Poking the Box and Making a Difference. Thanks to you, we received hundreds of submissions from the self-starters among us.

One person lobbied congress for better veteran benefits, others wrote books, including an e-book about great running spots around the world, a few helped to start schools and improve education, and many raised money and gave it away in new and unique ways.

Many of these entries are now available until May 19th in a free Kindle edition at Amazon. Even if you don’t own a Kindle, you can still read the ebook with the Kindle app for your smart phone or computer.

Stories that didn’t make the final version deserve just as much attention and we’ll profile some of them here on the blog. Stay tuned for great examples of those who deserve to be singled out for going above and beyond. They deserve thanks for all of their innovation, as do those of you who introduced them to us and made your vote count!

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