Would Ralph Waldo Emerson wear wool?

Would Ralph Waldo Emerson wear wool?

Today, The Domino Project launches a contemporary re-imagining of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s most famous essay Self-Reliance. We’re thrilled to work with Ibex, a very cool outdoorwear company, to reintroduce you Ralph Waldo Emerson. In return, Emerson’s Self-Reliance is helping introduce Ibex to the world.

Ibex is fast becoming an industry leader in the world of outdoor clothing. They’re famous for the distribution of ‘ethical wool’ where they adhere to strict Zque regulations. They care as much about performance and comfort as they do about the well-being of the animals themselves (plus the stuff they sell is beautiful).

They have a tribe. It’s resilient and full of heart.

But how to spread the word so that more people know about about this outstanding company?

[UPDATE: The contest is now over… see winners at the end of this post]

Ibex is sponsoring a free Kindle edition of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s classic, which means that for today and tomorrow only, you can get a Kindle copy on Amazon free of charge. Get your free copy here. (And by the way, there is a beautiful hardcover edition available as well).

The great news is that even if you don’t have a kindle, you can still enjoy your complimentary copy by downloading the Kindle app and reading it on your Mac, PC, (alas, not Linux), Android, iPad, etc.

But that’s not all. Ibex is also working with us to give away $15,000 worth of gift cards to readers like you who tweet about Self-Reliance. Go here to see how you can participate and score some free outdoor gear…

We’re extremely pleased with the outcome of Self-Reliance and of having the opportunity to work with the great people at Ibex.

Enjoy your free copy and if you think it’s something your friends might like, feel free to share the good news.