Your face on our cover?

Your face on our cover?

Twice before, I’ve invited readers to nominate themselves or a friend to be on the inside jacket of one of my books (you can still see the mosaics that were created inside the hardcovers of Tribes and Linchpin.)

This time, we’re brainstorming about using a picture on the outside, on the front cover of an upcoming book…

If you or someone you know might be interested, read on:

  • We’ll need you to email us an excellent quality, in focus, not-tiny photo that you have taken or own the rights to.
  • It should be a picture of someone doing something they love, something quirky, perhaps, but certainly personal. It might be showing off a tattoo or attending a science fiction convention or just clearly being oneself. A boring headshot isn’t going to help. Here’s a picture I found online that sort of captures the essence of this. The better the picture, the cleaner the background, the more interesting–the better the chances…
  • Please note that we can’t guarantee (or even hint) that we’ll use your picture.
  • When you send the picture, it will go to an automated account that collects the pictures for us, so please don’t include a note, as we can’t read them. Do, however, include your name and contact info in the email you send. If you have trouble attaching a photo to an email, ask a friend. Here’s the email you’ll need: [email protected]

Thanks for pitching in and for spreading the word.