Allergic to books

Allergic to books

Here’s a comment from a thread after a particularly positive post about Derek‘s new book,

“These are excellent quotes. I’m definitely buying Derek’s book hopefully sometime in the near future.”

Hey, it’s $9. It takes less time to read than a few blogs. No, the issue isn’t the time and the issue isn’t the money. The issue is that many products and services are things that some people don’t want to buy. Or at least buy now.

Some folks won’t go to a therapist, out of principle. Some don’t want to buy life insurance, even if it’s only a dollar. Some refuse to consider walking around the block, even if it’s faster than driving.

The lesson for me: shun the non-believers. Your product isn’t for everyone, that’s fine. No need to persuade them. Focus on those that are interested instead. In the case of books, that’s about 5% of the population that buys books regularly. The rest? Nope.