Meetings are death, death to meetings

Meetings are death, death to meetings

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I got a note from my friend Michael last week. He was explaining his new job. Apparently, in a typical ten hour day, he has nine hours and fifteen minutes of meetings on his schedule.

Forty-five minutes to do work.

If meetings aren’t work, what are they? They are soul-suckers. They extinguish original thought. They turn a job into a marathon, a career into nothing but chair-warming.

It used to be that most people worked for a living, and a few dispensable ‘suits’ spent their time in meetings. Good riddance, it kept them out of our hair.

Now, of course, the meetings have spread like a pox, and even those that used to produce are sucked into their vortex.

Al Pittampalli wants to change that. He demands we change that. And he is here to help you do just that.

Thanks to the kind folks at Citrix (the home of GoToMeeting), you can get a Kindle edition of READ THIS BEFORE OUR NEXT MEETING for free, for seven days, starting today. The Kindle edition runs on Kindles, of course, but also on the Kindle reader app you can run on your iPad, Mac, PC, etc. [UK pricing is now fixed… thanks for your patience.]

For more details, check out Al’s blog. And please tell your friends.

Here’s the deal: You should go get the free edition, of course. But that won’t be sufficient, because your co-workers won’t have read it. For them, you must either get them a hardcover of their own (perhaps the 52 pack for your office) or just stand over their desk and watch them download the Kindle edition. It’s not about buying it or even reading it. It’s about doing it.

Do me a favor… try this for just three days. For just three days, give Al’s approach to the Modern Meeting Standard a try. Then (and only then) post a review on Amazon and tell the world if it worked.

Don’t thank me. Thank Al. He’s the patron saint of productivity, the man who saved business from itself.


“I dutifully avoid meetings whenever possible, which is pretty much always. If I was to go to meetings, though, I’d want Al to run them. And if that wasn’t possible, I’d send this book to everyone else ahead of time and wait for them to cancel the meeting or run it exactly how this book describes.” –Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Conformity

“Sucked dry, worn down, numbed out: pick your metaphor. Anyway you cut it, bad meetings are killing you and your organization. This book will be your shield and sword to get your life back. Now, we just need to sort out email.” –Michael Bungay Stanier, Do More Great Work

“There’s a big difference between talking about doing something and actually doing it. If you’ve ever been in a meeting whose sole purpose was to plan for another meeting, you NEED this book.” –Josh Kaufman, The Personal MBA

“The typical corporate meeting makes you feel like you’re busy doing something. But as Al Pittampalli explains, meetings are a mess – an unproductive waste of time to validate the status quo. In his fascinating manifesto, Al presents a better way – the Modern Meeting – to actually move your business forward. If you want to create a culture of decisive action, get out of your nice comfortable meeting room and read this book now.” –David Meerman Scott, Real-Time Marketing & PR

“The majority of us have the same experience: at some point during the day, we lift our heads out of the haze of phone calls, emails and meetings and say, ‘I need to go home so I can get some work done!’ You can’t get more counter-productive than that. The main reason is that meetings not only suck, but that meetings suck the life out of organizations. It doesn’t have to be that way and it shouldn’t. Finally, there’s a shining light for all of us in Al Pittampalli’s Read This Before Our Next Meeting. Unfortunately, the book was named poorly. It should be called, Read This Now! Please!” –Mitch Joel, President of Twist Image and author, Six Pixels of Separation