Stop wasting time and make your meetings matter.

Stop wasting time and make your meetings matter.

Since its publication last week, Read This Before Our Next Meeting rose to the #1 most popular book on the Kindle in the world. It’s been downloaded by thousands of people (thanks to our sponsor, Citrix) and is sure to help hundreds of organizations change what they do all day. New York Times bestselling author of Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends, Tim Sanders, says “If you live meeting-to-meeting, this book will save your business life.”

You’re not the only ones who think the meeting problem is huge time-suck.

Al Pittampalli, author of the book, is helping companies and individuals take back their days by having productive, decision-supporting (as opposed to decision-avoiding) meetings. If you’ve found yourself looking at the clock during a meeting recently, wishing for a memo instead of a 45-minute conference call, or wondering how to get real work done in your company, see what Al and his team of meeting culture warriors are up to below. Join to become your organization’s meeting culture warrior and tell us if your company’s meeting culture should be on the “best” or “worst” list.

Learn the Principles

Join Al for a live two-part webinar series on how to solve your company’s meeting problem. Hosted by Citrix, the webinar will teach you to conduct meetings that support decision-making and action, introduce change in your company, and how to instill (not kill) the sense of urgency in your organization. 

Tell Us Your Story

Tell us about the meetings you’ve experienced, and your company may be chosen for a meeting culture overhaul: Free books, posters and a live webinar with Al Pittampalli to help your managers and meeting leaders transition smoothly to the Modern Meeting Standard. Submit yours here.

Are you holding Modern Meetings? Tell the world so by adding your name to our list. Watch the Modern Meeting movement as it grows! View the list by clicking here.

Become a Meeting Culture Warrior

Be the official office hero and show your seriousness about changing your company’s meeting culture with Moo’s specially designed Read This Before Our Next Meeting Business Cards. The cards, designed with the seven principles from the book are customizable with your/your company’s name and will take your meeting culture from “eh” to “extraordinary.” (Screenshot above.)

Using the code MOODOMINO, get 10% off one pack of either 50 OR 200 business cards (classic, green or rounded corners). The offer expires at 11:59pm (PST) on Aug 31st. Discount does not apply to rush printing or logo design and does not include shipping. Valid for one use per customer only.