Fake books

Fake books

When anyone can publish a book, anyone will.

Including people who will collect up public domain articles, paste them into Word and hit publish.

And people who will use keywords to trick you into thinking a book is about something it isn’t.

Of course, there have been counterfeit handbags for sale on the streets of New York for decades. The difference? We trust books. Books are special.

The giant risk (okay, it’s not a risk, it’s a certainty) of the long tail ebook revolution is that without enforced curation due to scarcity, the average quality is going to plummet (it has to) and the risk of buying a bogus book goes way up.

One outcome of this shift will be a new set of cues. We’ll look a lot harder for reviews and cover art and inbound links before we get tricked. Which is a loss of innocence, no doubt.

Reader, beware.

Here's the bogus description for a book that pretends to be Poke the Box. Shame on them.