The Academy Awards are not news

The Academy Awards are not news

Neither are the nominations.

Feature stories about who is going to win or the personal lives of the actors and directors involved are fluff unworthy of a space-limited newspaper.

The show is banal and nearly endless.

I don’t care who wins, and a year later, very few remember. And the financial impact of winning is dramatically overstated.

All of which is a way of saying that I’m jealous that this marketing/hypestorm exists in an industry that I’m not in, and that I marvel at how extraordinary the publicists are in milking this non-event for every column inch they can.

Certain traditions (like the NY Times bestseller list, the Super Bowl, these awards, the Nobel prize and a few others) have stood the test of time and are now beacons of attention and safety in an overcrowded, flaky world. It’s almost impossible to add a new one to the pantheon, but quite an achievement if you do.