Self-Reliance Ibex Gift Card Tweet Sweepstakes

Self-Reliance Ibex Gift Card Tweet Sweepstakes

Simple rules for the Self-Reliance Ibex Gift Card Trust Yourself Tweet Sweepstakes
300 gift cards, each worth up to $50 for great Ibex clothing, will be given away ($15,000 in total). The official rules follow, but the short version is that for two days, we’ll be watching the hashtag #ibexwear and selecting 300 people at random to receive (no strings attached) a $50 gift card at the very cool Ibexwear store.

We’ll contact winners directly and will post the winners twitter names on this page on May 27, 2011.



O F F I C I A L   R U L E S

0. This is a game of chance, no purchase necessary, void where prohibited. You must be over 18 to participate. Any attempt to hack the game or, in the sole judgment of the organizers, misuse the promotion will lead to immediate disqualification. Organizers aren’t responsible for technical problems, misdelivered DMs or acts beyond their control.

1. To enter, you must do the following:

  • follow @projectdomino on Twitter
  • during the dates of the sweepstakes (From 6am ET on May 25, 2011 – 5pm ET on May 26 2011), send out a tweet about the publication of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s book Self-Reliance (in Kindle or hardcover)
  • in the tweet, reference this URL ( and use the hashtag #ibexwear
  • only relevant tweets are eligible, and people tweeting the code more than four times a day will be disqualified.

2. During the sweepstakes, our team of tweet experts will randomly select 300 individuals who have completed step 1 and send each, by DM, a code good for a $50 gift card to be redeemed at the Ibex store ( We’ll also post a list of the winners on this page by 12pm ET on May 27.

3. One certificate per person maximum, naturally. If you win, you are free to sell or give away your gift card.

4. There is no minimum purchase required to use your gift card. Any remaining balance can be used on other purchases at Ibex, but there are no cash refunds.

5. Cards expire 12/31/2011.

6. Winners are responsible for any applicable taxes.

7. Ibex will not get any information about the contact information or identity of the winners, but once you purchase something at their store, of course you’re now a customer of Ibex and are subject to their terms and conditions of purchase. The Domino Project will not use the information about winners in any way after the sweepstakes is over.

8. Have fun, and smile!

Winners: How to Redeem Your $50 Gift Card

1. Shop at the Ibex store. There is no minimum purchase required to use your gift card.

2. During checkout, use your 12-digit code to redeem the $50 gift certificate.

Fill out this form and we’ll post any clarifications on our rules page. Unfortunately, we can’t answer specific questions privately.