The Joy and Madness of simultaneous publication

The Joy and Madness of simultaneous publication

My French publisher described the project just that way: joy and madness.

We Are All Weird  launches today in French, in Italian and in German (Korean too, but it loads slowly). Getting all of this done before pub date requires coordination and hustle from some talented people, but I think it will become the norm for books with widespread appeal.

German edition, in Germany, on Kindle
German edition, in USA, on Kindle
German language edition, in UK, on Kindle
The Italian edition, on paper, in Italy
In French, in France, on paper (ships in two weeks)
In French on the Kindle, in France, ships right now

For the latest updates and reviews (including links to UK, Chinese, French and other editions in English), here’s a summary.

Update: Here are shortcut links to the other editions in English:

The British Isles
KINDLE in the UK
Kindle in Germany in English